Contact Information

Chancery Office in Edmonton

Chancery Office:

Mailing Address:
9645 -108 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 1A3
Phone: (780) 424-5496
Fax: (780) 425-2330
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm

chancery [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com


Most Rev. David Motiuk, Eparch of Edmonton
Email: chancery [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Very Rev. Stephen Wojcichowsky, Chancellor & Protosyncellus (Vicar General)
Email: chancellor [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Olga Nakonechny, Eparchial Secretary
Email: chancery [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Andrea Leader, Administrative Assistant & Marriage Tribunal
E-mail1: admin [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com; E-mail2: tribunal [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Maria Wojcichowsky, Chancery Assistant
Email: business1 [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Laurence Sirman, Business Director
Email: finance [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com


Chancery Staff:

Rev. Myron Pyszcz, Vocations Director
chancery [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Rev. Deacon Jim Nakonechny, Vocations Co-Director
Email: chancery [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Marc Turgeon, Cemetery Manager
Phone: 780-424-5493

Email: cemetery [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Bernadette Mandrusiak, Religious Education Director
Email: education [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Millie Schietzsch, Director of Youth Ministry
Email: youth [at] edmontoneparchy [dot] com

Jayne L. Buryn, Communications Coordinator
Email: communications [at] eeparchy [dot] com

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