Family Matters - Growing Holy Families in the 21st Century

Pope Francis has asked that the whole Church take time to reflect on family life: What is God’s will for families? How do we live a life of Holiness? What is the meaning of the Sacrament of Marriage? etc. To help renew our marriages and family life the Edmonton Eparchy has devoted a new section on the website: Family Matters – Growing Holy Families in the 21st Century.
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New Particular Law for the Ukrainian Catholic Church

Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk promulgated the new Particular Law for the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on April 7, 2015. Both the English and Ukrainian texts are now available for reading and study.
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Becoming a More Welcoming Parish: Letter on the Survey Results

Thank you to all who responded to the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton’s “Becoming a More Welcoming Parish” survey. The Eparchial Pastoral Council and I have compiled the results and will be using them as a foundation for engaging our Ukrainian Catholic community in the process of renewal, as addressed in the 25 Year Pastoral Plan (the Plan). We will also be sharing results pertinent to each parish with the respective parish pastors and councils to help each parish to build on its strengths and grow into an even more welcoming parish.
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The Shroud of Turin an Official Replica

The Shroud of Turin Solemn Exposition of an Official Replica Authorized by the Archdiocese of Turin, Italy

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Restoration of the Liturgical Practice of the KISS OF PEACE (ENG/UKR)

The Kiss of Peace is an expression of reconciliation and unity between the people present at a liturgical assembly. It originates with the widespread custom, in the ancient Western Mediterranean world, of people greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek. This was the custom in ancient Judea and was also practiced by Christians.
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25 Year Pastoral Plan

Over the past several years, the Eparchial Pastoral Council has embarked upon an ambitious endeavour in discerning and preparing a 25 Year Pastoral Plan for the Eparchy of Edmonton.
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Becoming A More Welcoming Parish

I was a stranger and you welcomed me (Matthew 25:35) The Ukrainian Catholic Church throughout Alberta has embarked upon an exciting and courageous 25 Year Pastoral Plan, entitled Evangelization: A New Springtime.

Home of Hope Project

The Edmonton Eparchy in partnership with the Bridge of Hope has embarked on a charitable project entitled “Home of Hope”. It is a sanctuary and support for teenage girls, who no longer qualify for Ukrainian Government protection services, and need a safe place to work on their education and career.
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From Pascha to Pascha: We are Easter People - Let Us Beam With Festive Joy








Liturgical Calendar

October 20, 2016
  • The Holy Great-Martyr Artemius (360-363); 1 Thessalonians 2:9-14; Luke 11:14-23

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Simple Calendar

October 21, 2016
  • Clergy Conference
    Starts: 4:00 pm
    Ends: October 21, 2016 - 11:00 pm

Eparchial News

Events from the Eparchy and throughout the UGCC

Greater Than God?

If after almost a year of reading, discussing, meditating and praying about mercy we are still unconvinced, Pope Francis has laid it out in blunt terms, and his message bears repeating: “If God has forgiven me, why shouldn’t I forgive others? Am I greater than God?”...

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St. John Chrysostom: Family

“Don’t say, “Bible-reading is for monks; am I turning my child into a monk?” No! It isn’t necessary for him to be a monk. Make him into a Christian! Why are you afraid of something so good? It is necessary for everyone to know Scriptural teachings, and this is...

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Out of Byzantium

Source: By Mark Raczkiewycz Spiritual leader of more than four million Ukrainian Greek Catholics worldwide, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk describes his role in familial terms. “My mission is to be a father to them, to assure them the church of...

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Jesus Is All Mercy

When we take up our cross, we discover that it is freeing, that the yoke is easy and the burden light, just as Jesus promises. Isn’t this what Jesus meant when, on the night of his passion, he offered his great Priestly Prayer to our heavenly Father: “ . . . so they...

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Knights of Columbus Re-Establish Memorial

Source: OR PDF - Knights of Columbus Re-Establish Memorial Our Lady of Lourdes Council No. 6382 (Star/Lamont), along with the other Alberta Councils in District No. 19 and Parks Canada, re-established a memorial to Saint John Paul...

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Artisans of Mercy

Some 25,000 people attended Pope Francis’s general audience in St. Peter's Square a few days after the canonization of Saint Teresa of Kolkata. Before delivering his final blessing, the Pope called on young people to follow her example and be "artisans of mercy." Why...

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Lazarus Among Us

Who is the Lazarus among us? Our newest saint, Mother Teresa, recognized him in alleys and gutters: “The outcasts, those who are rejected, the unloved, prisoners, alcoholics, the dying, those who are alone and abandoned, the marginalized, the untouchables and lepers,...

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A Revolution of Tenderness

"Sometimes we think we are doing God a favor when we do a work of mercy. But actually we find mercy and salvation for ourselves.” That’s what Boston Cardinal Sean O'Malley told the 2016 World Youth Day audience in Krakow, Poland, in July. “Only by making a gift of...

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What is the Mundare Vidpust (Pilgrimage)?

By Jayne L. Buryn, Communications Coordinator, Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton With files from Dr. Karen Lemiski, curator and association director of the Basilian Fathers Museum in Mundare; the Basilian Museum, Mundare, OSBM History: The Basilian Fathers in the...

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Liturgical Propers

Divine Liturgy and Vespers Texts

October 18, 2016 Holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke

GREAT VESPERS At Psalm 140 In Tone 8 Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord;* O Lord, hear my voice! What shall we call you, Apostle? Heaven, for you have made an account of the glory of God for us. Lightning, for you illumine the world with radiance. A cloud, for you...

October 6, 2016 Holy and Glorious Apostle Thomas

GREAT VESPERS Kathisma Reading “Blessed is the man…” is sung. At Psalm 140 In Tone 4 If You mark iniquities, Lord, who can stand?* But with You forgiveness is that You may be revered. Your hand probed the side of the Lord, finding the perfection of all goodness and...